Great site for coupon codes

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  1. This is my VERY FIRST post!
    I've spent the week lurking and drooling over all these GORGEOUS bags.

    Anyway, I'm more of one to hide off in the sidelines, but this was worth posting for you bagaholics/shopaholics

    The 30% off at Karizma just saved me a bundle on a new Kooba. And I believe they have the current bluefly code too.

    Happy shopping!!

  2. Wonderful link!
  3. AWESOME! Thanks!
  4. THANkS!
  5. Thanks for posting:smile:
  6. Thank you all! - I love using coupon codes! :smile:
  7. Susan,

    Is the link typed correctly? I clicked and got a Not Found page? :sad2:
  8. It must have been down.
    I just clicked on it and it came up fine.
  9. Thanks for posting
  10. thanks for sharing! :love:
  11. Thanks for sharing the links. I wasn't able to get into the toutie website though. Another good site for coupon codes and deals is :biggrin:
  12. This is great!
    Thank you for sharing