Great Singapore Sale

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  1. Yay I am finally going to be in Singapore at the right time of the year!

    Does Chanel ever go on sale?
    What else is good in the sale?
  2. Crystal05 you are soooo lucky I wish I was going but it's on too soon.
  3. Yeah I am so envious. Hong Kong and Singapore definitely the shopping heaven on earth.
  4. Just please promise us that you will shop till you drop. Singapore is on my list of vacation spots.
  5. Im Singaporean and weirdly ive never really been too excited bout the sale. There are always good deals on electronics though.
  6. man, didn't know they have such a sale back there.. have fun buying....
  7. Chanel and LV never ever go on sale. Gucci and Burberry will have 30-40% sale during the Great Singapore Sale. Do check out On Pedder and Club 21 boutiques. They stock Chloe, Mulberry, Jimmy Choo, MJ etc and prices do usually get slashed to as much as 50-60%. Enjoy your shopping!
  8. yay! i think i want to go back to singapore soon. (i used to study in sg for like 8 years) :biggrin:
  9. going to Singapore too next Friday with my husband. This time its gonna be fun because maybe we can make a good deal with some designer stuff!
  10. Oooh, thanks for the tip, I'll tell my cousin who lives there, maybe she'll be interested!
  11. yeah , there're summer shopping festivals in Thailand and Singapore every years , usually on July . I'm planning to visit there next summer ^_^ . Singapore , Thailand and Hongkong are shopping heavens
  12. Have fun Crystal! What are you gonna bring us?!! :lol: :lol:
  13. i been to singapore once but not during that great sale.

    happy shopping!
  14. Oh!! I want to go! Just went to Singapore a month or so ago. Should have waited for the SALE! :sad: Have fun and report back with your finds! Heehee
  15. Thanks for the advice girls
    I can't buy much through as I am already is debt.
    Maybe jsut a couple of things!
    Very excited!
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