Great shopping/browsing experience at Nürnberg Louis Vuitton

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  1. Bart, my mom, my aunt and I went to Nürnberg today to do some last minute Christmas shopping. Before heading out, I checked online real quick for the addy for the LV in Nürnberg. It's located right near the Christmas market, so that was good :smile:

    We walked in, and I was immediately greeted (had my Speedy with me and B had his Monte Carlo loafers on) by the sales associates. I went in there just to browse, but the SAs were so nice to me :smile: They showed me the new Damier Azur - and it does look much better in person than it does in the pictures! I asked if they had the Miroir line, since I hadn't seen that yet in person either - and they said that they had a few pieces but had sold out right after they came into the store.

    They also offered all of us Champagne. I said no, since I'm pregnant, so the sales associate offered me some hot chocolate - which I immediately accepted! They also had Lebkuchen for us, which was great since I was starving :shame:

    We spent about an hour in there, and I tried on some bags and my mom and aunt were looking at the Epi line (mom wants a Segur!). Bart debated buying a new messenger bag, but none of the ones in the store caught his eye.

    We had a number of bags with us, since we had already done some shopping at other stores. When we were leaving the store, one of the SAs offered us some bags so that we could consolidate - rather than having to carry around 384713 different bags for the whole day! haha, we ended up getting 3 of those super huge LV bags. The looks that some people gave us was hillarious...I even saw one lady trying to peek inside to see what it was, lol :roflmfao:

    Also went into Hermes since it's pretty much right next door to LV, but I wasn't too impressed with what they had. All of the bags were behind cases, so I couldn't feel the leather or the weight of the bags - which was a disappointment. Oh well! Don't think I'll be wandering into the Hermes group anytime soon.
  2. That sounds so great! The way it should always be :biggrin:
  3. Yes:yes: but isn't:hysteric:
  4. sounds like you had a fabulous time...Hermes sounds stuffy...everything in glass cases, I guess security or finger prints all over the merchandise must be an issue...Hermes is nice but, just so formal looking to me...LV is more user I too will be sticking with LV....thanks for sharing your experience with us...:smile:
  5. I was surprised that there was no security guard working in Hermes. It was weird. There was only one lady that worked in there, and she only stood at the cash register. Granted, the store wasn't very large...but still. I'd figure in a place like Hermes, they'd watch you like a hawk!
  6. lamiastella.. i'm glad you had a wonderful time at LV.

    About Hermes, you shouldve asked to see a certain style.. usually they put few items on the shelves and the real sellers (birkin or kelly) will only be on the backside.. thats if they have any of these styles..

    If u take few minutes to browse hermes forum.. its granted that you'll fall head over heels inlove with their bags :heart:
  7. wow, that's awesome they gave you big LV bags! must have been fun walking around with those!
  8. Sounds like such a nice experience!!!!! And you got Hot Chocolate and Lebekuchen, the best christmas treat there is!
  9. That's sooo nice! What a great day for you :yes:
    I looooooooooove LV service...anytime anytime.
  10. sounds like a relaxing experience!

    I ofund out that I have an LV about an hour away...I can't wait to go!

    Do they always offer champagne? Wasn't expecting that!..can't wait to go:yahoo:
  11. I have no idea! haha, the Louis Vuitton in Tysons Corner, VA didn't offer me anything when I went to buy my Speedy last year. Don't know if it was because it was semi-busy, if it was because I didn't have anything LV with me, or if they just didn't offer any - but it sure was nice to be offered some!

    Even though I couldn't drink it, I thought it was sweet of them to offer me hot chocolate. It was DDEEEELICIOUS!!!
  12. I'm happy you had a great time there!
  13. Glad you had such a great time!! :smile:
  14. Oh I am totally dying here! I graduated from High School in Nurnberg...the American school was located in Furth. My hands down favorite time of the year there is Christmas, I loved the marketplace at that time, the food and all the different vendors. I really miss it! Never knew about LV at the time, now another excuse to return to Nurnberg! Thanks for the update! Happy Holidays!
  15. I am so happy that had a great experience...and champagne always makes it better:smile: