Great shoes but those thin heels?

  1. hi, I've got a question for all shoe lovers here.

    I've seen magnificent shoes everywhere on the forum. I'm dying to buy some (= a lot of :p ) shoes but I'm a bit afraid of those thin heels.

    I've got some (non-designer) shoes with thin(ner) heels but I have to go to the shoemaker so regurly for new heels. I'm afraid the heel (that little gummy thing below, don't know the exact name in english) is gonna come off ..without knowing.. and that I'll damage the heel.

    I also don't want to go to the shoemaker every two weeks and leave these jewels in the hand of strangers too much.

    Does anyone has some experience with this (or not;) )?

    ps I hope my english is not too bad:rolleyes:

    Here's a pic of the shoes I really really really wanna have!
  2. If you mean the heel cap (the rubber at the end of the heel), some designer shoes comes with extra caps for your shoes. I've never had problems with the heel caps myself, so I don't really know what to tell you. :flowers:
  3. I have never had a problem with them on my designer shoes either.

    Good luck!
  4. Designer or no, I don't think there's a way of avoiding wearing down the heel cap.
  5. At this point in time, two of my cheaper heels have lost caps, but none of my designer shoes have. But it is very inexpensive (in comparison to replacement shoes) around here to get new heel caps if you do lose one.
  6. I have quite a few designer heels including these two styles from Santa Cruz with VERY thi heels and so far the tips have held up very well - and I wear them pretty much everyday and everywhere.

    I think some of the designer heels have like a harder rubber tip or something.

    ...and Oh I do like those Choos too!
    thin heels.jpg thin heels 2.jpg
  7. I've had heelcaps replaced. It's usually only $7 or so. A good shoe repair place can do it easily. If the heel itself breaks, they can even replace the heel.
  8. I know what you are talking about - which is why I am currently into flats or more block type heels - having said that I also have shoes with thin heels and I just don't wear them soooo often. and if I have to, get the heel cap replaced.