Great Shoe Purchase!

  1. So I was DYING for the Naomi pumps back when they came out last year...and did not allow myself to buy them due to the $230 price tag. Imagine my delight when I found them at Nordstrom Rack today for $100! Of course I had to buy them! Thought I had a picture saved in not finding one now...will add when I get back home to my other computer!

    Ladies..for those of you near Towson, MD...the Designer Shoes section of Nordstrom Rack is LOADED with Coach shoes right now!
  2. POST PICS!!! I can't wait to see them!
  3. Yes please post pics and congrats on the great deal
  4. shellbell, you shop at the Towson Nordies? That is my store! I'm there like 4 days a week. I never go in the rack, but I'm going to run in there to check it out.
  5. These ones, right? I saw them tonight at mine too, but not in my size. That is great they had them at yours! I did get another fabulous pair of Coach shoes tonight there though ... the Glena polka dot heels. :yahoo:

    Post photos of them on you! I'm sure they look fab.
  6. Do you happen to know if they have the Coach holiday patchwork clogs (closed toe)? I know Nordstroms would ship if I could find a store that has them. The closet Nordstroms to me is 4.5 hours away :sad: I have never been to a Nordstrom Rack...sounds like fun though!
  7. Those are beautiful!
  8. It was my first time there. I actually live up in Harrisburg, Pa..and travel lots. I normally stop in King of Prussia for my shopping on my way home from Philly...but didn't have a trip planned that way and wanted to hit Nordy's before the sale ended...I remembered you mentioned Towson on a few posts so I thought I'd check it out. GREAT Nordies! I bypassed the coach store because I already spent WAY too much money at Nordies!
  9. All the shoes were much older than that...early last year. And I'm not sure that the Rack would ship it to you?
  10. Thats the style...except mine are black suede/python with a black velvet bow. I live alone so pics of them ON me probably won't happen...but I will get to the pics!
  11. They sound great...can't wait to see pictures. I have a Nordstrom rack about 10 minutes away from me, they usually carry loads of Coach shoes but I went back about 2 weeks ago & they had none..well none in my size anyways.
  12. good batteries in my camera...but here's the picture off my computer from when I wanted them originally!!!! I got the black...although they had the brown there as well.
  13. wore my new shoes today!!! they were super comfy (love the quilted inside!) and I got a compliment from the only other fashionista in my office!
  14. Very cute shoes, I can see why you got compliments!:smile: