Great SFAM deals $95-$125 A-Pockets, Dojos, etc

  1. ooo! Thanks for sharing!!!
  2. sorry, but i'm new to costco...we don't have any of that in the northeast. why are the prices so low for designers even when the items aren't on sale? like the purses and jeans? is costco similar to a macys or something?
  3. We do have Costco near Boston. I guess its just an overstock of jeans or older styles. I've noticed they don't carry any of the smaller sizes.
  4. we do? wow...haha i've never even heard of costcos until the spice girls made a commercial for it. where is the costco near boston located? do you have any lucky finding good designers there or is it better to purchase the stuff on the costco website instead?
  5. Not even close :nogood: Costco is like Sams Club or Priceclub. They stock everythin in bulk from toilet paper to cleaning supplies to pastries to clothes and lawn furniture- name brand and generic. Kind of like a well organized Target but u need a membership. The prices are so low b/c they are a wholesaler.
  6. There are ones located in Dedham, Avon, and Everett. I haven't purchased jeans there, just bulk items!
  7. They also carry Rock and Republic and Citizens from time to time for a great deal.