Great Sex or a Great Bag!?!

  1. if you had your choice of a spa weekend with your s/o, amazing food, massages, sleep, etc., OR getting the bag of your choice...
    what'd you do?!?!
  2. I'd still take a spa weekend because I need a vacation! :beach:
  3. Spa weekend...for sure. We have a blast together!
  4. This is a loaded question after 25 years of married life...probably the bag of my dreams.:smartass:
  5. The bag of my dream!
  6. Me too. I got married in 1980 so...... definately a handbag.
  7. LOL...i'm coming up on 20 years married...hmmm...a spa sounds nice, but so does the bag of my dreams!!!!
  8. Not even married, but I'll take the bag and have great sex at home. :yes: I don't need spas, massages, etc to get me in the mood, a fabulous shopping trip does it every time.:graucho:
  9. totally feel ya, shopping with hubbys credit will always gets him a yes.
  10. Sad but true for us old married gals. I was married in 1980 as well. Definitely bag of my dreams! It used to be that you wanted to look hot all sexified with a cool bag on your arm. Now I can't remember why I want bags - I just know I have to have 'em.
  11. This thread cracks me up!!! I have been married 3 years...together 5. It feels like 40!!! LOL however, I still have the best time ever with Dh when we are away from the house, business BEST shopping trips are WITHOUT him and that is when I get my BEST bags!! So for me the 2 are very seperate!
  12. the bag! yay singles!
  13. I've been married almost 4 years. I'll take the bag lmao! My dh wouldn't be caught dead in a spa anyway LOL.
  14. yea i just got out of a relationship a few months back and it left me hating all men forever so THE BAG HANDS DOWN!! !:smile: haha
  15. hehehe :roflmfao: I'll take the bag :devil: I'm not married yet so boyfriends come & go but bags last forever hehehe maybe the right guy would change my answer :angel: but then again...