Great service buying balenciaga in Vegas!

  1. For anyone making a trip to Las Vegas, I received wonderful service from Princess at Neiman Marcus. She was so patient with my questions--I had never before seen a balenciaga, much less bought one. She could not have been more helpful and I would highly recommend her.
  2. nice to know! thanks!:biggrin:
  3. perfect.. i'm going to vegas over thanksgiving!
    i hope i win big on the slot machines ;)

    did you end up getting anything?
  4. I bought one from Sam who I thot was very sweet, too. But I think I now might know more about bbags than he does - after this forum!!:rolleyes:
  5. where is NM in vegas?
  6. It's at the Fashion Show Mall, right across from the Wynn Hotel. :smile:
  7. I guarantee none of the SA's there know more about Bbags than we do, ladies.:P That part is understandable though since they have to know many different makers.

    I have to say though, Princess is also who I work with. She's great...she laughs at me because she says she learns a thing or two from me about Bbags when I come in. Most importantly, she works so hard for her customers and is the nicest lady. This to me makes all the difference, she is so open and friendly. She by far one of the nicest SA at NM Las Vegas. Please ask for her if you ever need help with any handbag purchase.
  8. Hoozah!! :yahoo: I''ll be there this weekend...and let's all say a purse forum prayer that I win at the tables bc I'll definitely be paying Princess a visit!!! :lol: :nuts:
  9. Yep, I bought a city in Rouge VIF! I love it! And, I was able to pay for a good chunk of it with my winnings!!
  10. FYI...Princess usually has Sundays and Wednesdays off.