Great seller sending me insider-industry secret cleaning and conditioning cream!

  1. I just got a gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous vintage bag from Rosi at on eBay. Her stuff is unbelieveable and 100% authentic. I chatted with her for quite a bit tonight and she is a terrific customer oriented sales woman. A real first class act. After telling her what beautiful condition (near perfect) the mono canvas was on this 22 year old bag, she offered to send me some of the conditioning cream she uses on the bags :yahoo: . She raved about the cream and said that soon she will be selling it on eBay...the cream is sort of an insider-industry secret and she is dropping some in the mail to me!
  2. That's pretty cool. Please let us know what it is!
  3. Keep us posted.
  4. Cool ! But it's weird how LV doesn't tell you what to use because they always state that those products could end up damaging the bags. I guess that's why they prefer you to go through their services to repair the bags.

    Definitely let us know what the cream cleaner is :yes: !
  5. Rosi from authentic.LV rocks she has one the best pieces on eBay and I'm sure the cream is something great for our bags. Please post a pic of the bag you received! Is a cream for the Canvas or to clean the vachetta?
  6. please..lets me know what is it
  7. Interesting. Please let us know when you receive it.
  8. The cream is for the canvas not the vachetta. Rosi tells me that she employs a cobbler in her business that has something like 28 years experience working for Vuitton. He knows LV manufacturing specs inside and out! I will certainly share my review of the cream here...and hey if it is what she says it I am sure it will be selling out on ebay.
  9. Cool!
  10. omg..that sounds really cool!
  11. Please share any info with us. TIA!
  12. I know that eventually lv canvas will dry out and crack. Perhaps this helps. Let us know if this is any good, please.

  13. I can't wait to hear about the conditioning cream!
  14. Oh wow...can't wait to see if it works wonders. Thanks!
  15. Post before and after pics!