Great selection @ - Gucci, Fendi, Juicy and more...

  1. Are their bags authentic? Never paid the site much attention.
  2. WOW - never have I seen so may high end bags on there!!
  3. They are Loehmann's website, so as far as I know their items are authentic. :tup:
  4. Holy cow! There was a Violet twiggy for sale!!
  5. ^WOW! I want it! But I'm on a ban sorta.
  6. Thanks for the info, their selection has really improved.
  7. YUP! They're actually connected with Loehmann's somehow!
  8. Looks like they have added more - some Chloe, Prada, and Dior as well.

  9. I just bought my first Fendi from them today. Used the link in the other thread for the 20% off too!
  10. Ooh congrats!
  11. Thanks! I've been wanting a Fendi, but I've read so much here on different forums about fakes that I was really hesitant to buy one on sale from eBay or Amazon or overstock - but since these come from a major department store it seems safe to bet they would be authentic.
  12. yeah they are all authentic i ordered a great cole haan from there!
  13. I order from them ALL the time. Sometimes their selection isn't that great, but if you check back regularly you can get some great deals... I've gotten a Juicy bathing suit for $28, a pearl bracelet for $23 and Nine West leather pumps for $10!

    If you sign up for their club, shipping is only $2.99 and they give you first dibs on their designer sales before they post it for everyone else. They'll also send you 20% off coupons randomly. I think it was $10 to join-- it was SO worth it!!! :tup: