Great Scarf, But What To Do With It?!

  1. I bought this scarf from coach about 2 months ago and I still have yet to wear it! The only thing is I'm not sure HOW to wear it.

    Here is the scarf

    Its VERY pretty, but I'm just clueless!:confused1:
  2. OMG, I'm exactly in the same boat except my scraf is blue color. I walk into my closet and look at it all the time trying to figure out how I need to use it.

    Sorry I don't have any ideas but I hope the creative ladies here will come up with suggestions.
  3. It looks like an oblong scarf so you can tie it as a belt or use it as a headband on your hair? =)
  4. ive tried it in my hair,but it looks weird. Perhaps ill try the belt. it is long i folded it 3 times in that picture!
  5. Belt, shawl-thing, tie it to your bag ?? im drawing a blank now LOL
  6. I tried it as a belt and it didn't look good :sad:
    Thanks for your suggestions.
  7. Tying it to a bag would definitely look cute, just fold it a couple times first then tie it as a bow or just knot it so it hangs - that will definitely look cute!

    As for the headband idea.. I had the same problem but refused to let the scarf just sit in my room. Fold it a few times, and then it would look like a thick headband. If it hangs too long, tie it in a knot and then put it up in a bun along with the rest of your hair.

    Good luck!! :smile:
  8. Omg I LOVE it!!
    To bad it didn't work out for you in your hair because im sure it would of looked lovely!:drool:
  9. Thanks for the ideas, I'lll try it on my bag! My bag already has 2 keychains but whatever.
  10. That's a beautiful scarf...I hope you can make it work!
  11. this might seem obv but what about your neck?
  12. I have the same scarf and I use it both as a belt and as a headband....
  13. Try around your neck with a white button up blouse, that's how I would wear it :yes:.
    I think it's really pretty:graucho:!!
  14. i NEVER thought to tie it around my neck (i should of, right?) maybe i will try that. there are some places here where people will look at you weird if i wore it around my neck, but ill see how it looks