great SAs in Hermes Boston store?

  1. Just moved to Boston and walked into Hermes there for the first time. Wanted to get a bearn wallet but felt strange there so ended up walk out empty hands. Can Anyone in Boston suggest some nice SAs so next time I'll be prepared when I go again? Thx a bunch!
  2. I've called there several times and they always bend over backward to answer my questions and be helpful. I've heard great things about their inventory as well. You might be all right just walking in and finding one to help you. I don't think it's as cutthroat as the major city boutiques as they're always friendly to me. Good luck!
  3. Hi, I've dealt with Kimberly and Cynthia, who is the assistant manager. Both lovely and VERY helpful!
  4. Where's Miss Bean?
    She's from Beantown.....
    she may have a reco....
  5. An awesome gal left in December...and now I also call Kymberly...she's very nice and helpful...
  6. i'm here! i pm'ed ling already :biggrin:
  7. Would that be Julie?

    I am in Boston as well. I work with John and Cynthia. Both are fantastic.
  8. Yes Julie - she was great!
  9. ^Wasn't she?? She is now working at Bonpoint. I hope she goes back to Hermes!
  10. She told me that!! I wish she'd go back as well...
  11. Walk back in that boutique and find you some goodies!!!