Great Sales and Values @ MJ MBMJ Cole Haan!

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  2. That is funny that they added SO many bags once the 30% off sale ended.
  3. ^Heh, yeah I know. I was musing about that myself, how nice it would have been to snap up on of those MJ bags with the additional 30% off!:nogood:
  4. i love the bags, but i'm not sure i like the price(referring to the MJ bags).
  5. Yeah I hear ya on that one. Although there are some other very good deals to be had on the site. Im really happy about the patent Cole Haan!
  6. Ooooooh, GUNG, the red one is so cute! Can't wait to hear your review.
  7. does anyone have a free shipping code? tia
  8. so true! there was nothing up until today! new sale is coming in a few days though
  9. those are cute!
    post pics when you get them :smile:
  10. What is the new sale???!