Great sale!

  1. Okay Ladies if you live in the Houston/Galveston area, this is for you .....I was shopping with fabulous the Local Dillards in Friendswood and saw so many many coach bags reduced 25%, denim signature tote, large signature ergo hobos, a white '06 legacy leather satchel, natural mandy, clay gigi, signature brown leigh, signature legacy shoulder bag brown, lots of carly pouches, lots of patent leather ergo hobos, several chelsea leather abbey hobos, the list goes on and on....but I am on a ban til the next PCE, because I have my eye on coach Hamptons Vintage Large CarryAll in black....but the great boyfriend bought my mom the large signature ergo hobo in natural.....He is so sweet.:tup:
  2. heart just stopped. I wonder if Dillards will ship like Nordstroms does... I'm going to try the next time they have their additional 30% off clearance!! I want the Mandy!!
  3. Thanks for the headsup!