great sale on Judith Leiber shoes!!!!!!!

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  1. If you like her shoes there is a great sale on the website. Here are a few .....
    $595 - on sale for $99
    $525 - on sale for $99 (also comes in black or red)
    $565 - on sale for $99
    $675 - on sale for $99 (also comes in gold)
  2. Do you know if her shoes are comfortable?
  3. [​IMG]

    i love these!!! should i order?
  4. You should order them!:yes:
  5. that is a RIDICULOUS sale! order them and post pictures!!
  6. ARGH! they have limited sizes. :sad:
  7. Did you order these...they are so cute???
  8. i didn't.. :sad: trying to be good since i ordered a cambon tote...but they're so cute!
  9. are the shoes comfortable

    also does anyone know they run sizewise?
  10. I want every single one of them!!! But I need to be good after getting 2 new purses and 3 pairs of shoes last month :sad:
  11. I ordered a few pair and I will let you know how they are!
  12. Can't wait to hear your feedback!:P