Great Sale on Coach!!!

  1. Sorry if this has already been posted, but if any of you don't know, Dillard's is having an incredible sale on Coach. On a lot of different syles, including, the 10403, 5089, lots of hobos, signature styles, some leather/suede, etc. Anyway, they are 25% off and then additional 30% off of that!!! Only until Sunday. :wlae: Just thought I would let you know.. it basically equates to almost 50% straight off the retail price.
  2. do they have keyfobs on sale
  3. Oh shoot, had my keys in hand and remembered we don't have a local Dillards.:push:
  4. Closest one is in Boise. Darn it!
  5. I just went there tonight and stocked up! I got the gold patchwork gallery tote for 208 before tax, and a mahogony patent wristlet for 26 before tax or so! Sooo excited! :yahoo: :heart:
  6. fieldinspring, did you notice if Dillard's carries Legacy, and if so, was that on sale too?! Wishful thinking..... :smile:
  7. No Dilliards Here.
  8. I went today and there wasn't much. 2 dark brown suede totes, 2 gold patchwoork wristlets, a large soho braided hobo in tobacco (I want this! I have the small white one and I love it. It's about $150. I may go back and get it.), and I can't remember what else. I got too exctied about the hobo. It was 25% plus an additional 30% off here too (Atlanta). No keyfobs on sale here but there were some boots (including the Meredith, but not in my size) with the same discounts.
  9. Sweet!! I will be headed to Dillard's as soon as I get off work.
  10. No, no keyfobs at the dillard's I checked. I have a dillards here that doesn't even carry coach but I am only an hour and a half from Vegas so we headed out.. one store had lots and lots to choose from.. I don't think they had any legacy though. I know they had a lot of the signature shoulder totes, the gold patchwork as mentioned above, some leather shoulder totes, some wristlets, hmm... great deals though! Also, for those that don't live near a dillards, I asked and they will ship.. you will have to pay for the shipping, but if you wanted someting bad it may still be worth it, with the shipping, the price is so low! I think it is only addiitional 25 off until tomorrow. Good luck!! Addicting, isn't it!?!?! :cursing:
  11. Our Dillards only had 2 bags left! I'm gonna check the other one out tomorrow.
  12. We don't have Dillards in Ca.:sad:
  13. Yeah it seems to really vary. I called a few Vegas stores and they only had a few, and then I called another one and they had LOTS.. of course, when I went they were facing the back, locked up, so you only looked at the display.. I would have never noticed them there had I not gone in specifically for that.
  14. my local dillards is to small & dont have much.;(