Great sale at the Choo website...

  1. There are some wonderful items on sale right now.

    Yellow girls there is a fabulous Dijon Riki for only $800 - that is 50% off. :tup:

    I so want the Jungle python Maddy or Mahala, but it cannot be shipped to the US.

    And for the Electric blue owners, there are some matching sandals!

    Go get 'em
  2. The Dijon Riki was sold out when I just went to look. Just as well, while I think it's a VERY cool bag, I don't think I have the confidence to pull it off and yet I would have been tempted to buy it anyway! :sweatdrop:

    I came thisclose to buying the White Riki.....but who needs the stress. Also a beautiful bag, but I would have a heart attack at the first spot of dirt. :wtf:

    Ah well....I shall continue to wait for the Alex to go on sale! :shrugs:

    Thanks for posting the info. jburgh, it was fun to window shop! :tup: Anybody else find a great deal they couldn't live without? :wondering
  3. I got 2 bags from the sale. Its like 2 for one imo. :yes: I am just wondering, do they ship from the UK??
  4. Well - which ones did you get????

    And yes, they ship from London...takes 2-3 business days.
  5. Congrats, you will have to post pictures when you get them.
  6. oh, i am SO there with you! :yes: if i could get my hands on that jungle python maddy or mahala, i would be psyched! :drool: i've even been considering having it shipped to my girlfriend in tennessee and seeing if she could ship it to me. do ya think they'd catch it if i tried that? i'd hate to go through all the trouble only to get my girlfriend and myself in a mess...or worse yet, a loss of money! :confused1:
  7. yes, yes! do share with us what you got! doesn't that just feel awesome when you get a good deal on such amazing bags?? i love it! congrats! :yahoo:
  8. Darlie - It can only be shipped to the UK or to EU countries. Now, I called JC in London and asked about it. They said it was because it is made of python. The JC boutique in Chicago had it this spring...I confirmed that yesterday. And, I've seen tons of python bags at Nordies. I wish I had a friend in the UK to visit :yes:

    Hey...wanna go on a trip? We should all get together and visit the Choo Boutique in London. :idea: Who wants to go? Who has been there?
  9. if someone can find me a babysitter for my two little ones, (and the DH! :amuse:) i'll be there in a blink of an eye! :choochoo::woohoo::choochoo:
  10. LOL I got a Bronze Mahala and a Champagne Maddy. Of course, it's a 3 day holiday here in the US so now I will probably have to wait til Tuesday for them. Quick the Champagne really sparkly? It looks kind of matte in the pics on the website. I will post pics when I get them. I am so psyched. I have tons of JC shoes, these will be my first bags. :yahoo:
  11. ooooh! CONGRATS!! those sound SO fabulous! and what a perfect addition for your beautiful JC shoes!!!
    :wlae:you will be stylin'! you'll have to post some modeling pics for us so we can all "oooh and ahhh!" :yes:
  12. Hubba Hubba Hubba, HubbaWubba! Those are great bags. You will love the quality and style of the Jimmy Choo bags.
  13. They are both really sparkly. I have the bronze Maddy and I absolutly love it! I haven't see the champagne, but one of the Choo girls got it and said she had to wear sunglasses! If you like bling, you will love these bags!:tup:
  14. The Champagne is very sparkly more like a gold. I have a Champagne Mahala I got at the last 50% off sale. I almost returned it because its so sparkly, but it was such great deal and a fun bag. Plus anything goes in NYC.