Great Sale at

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  1. [​IMG]
  2. Awesome! Thanks for the post!
  3. Thanks! I want to check it out.
  4. Thanks Bagachondriac! You always post the best sales.:tup:

  5. She does post great sales-unfortunately I'm not her!:rolleyes:
  6. Thanks for posting this great sale! I must be losing it. :shame:
  7. No problem-hope you find something that you like!:yes:
  8. the promotions are terriffic, but the customer service is a total bummer. I tried contacting them about if I could use a gift certificate with the promotion, and no reply from them. So I emailed them again...from a separate email address...and it's been a week, and still no answer... don't know if ignoring customers is their policy but w/e they're doing-- it's frustrating and impolite. =/
  9. JNH14 -- thanks so much for posting this! I just scored a pair of Genetic Denim jeans for $66! Yeeha!
  10. b

    My experience them was a little frustrating too. They sent me the incorrect size in one item and the other came with the security device still attached. What is weird is that they didn't reply by email but called me 6-8 times and left messages. - I think they meant well but I found it really annoying to receive these calls while I was at work. I prefer a quick email.
  11. i had the same problem. one of my items still had the sensor on it.. you get better results if you call them instead of email.. also they won't let you exchange size if it a sale item.. that sucks.. overall it a great sale.