Great Sale At Bob Ellis! Bags Bags Bags!

  1. Go to; the password is "sinned" (how appropriate).

    lots of cool bags and shoes on sale. have fun!
  2. is this site actually legit? they have some of the bags I am looking for..... could this be real? btw, what r the prices, it is not showing up on my screen?
  3. how does this work?
    There's no item #'s, sizes, prices . . . .
  4. The site is legit, but I am not seeing any prices either. Do you have to email?
  5. okay. . . . just saw you have to e-mail for pricing, sizes . . .

    ^^yes, they're legit
  6. the site is legit - it's a store here in Atlanta, owned by someone affiliated with jeffrey kalinski, of Jeffrey in NYC & Atlanta...FAB bags!!! & shoes.
  7. what a pain to have to email for prices... why don't they just list them?
  8. It's faster to just call them and order by phone.
  9. Did you get through? I called and the SA said there was no sale. I left a message for Bill Dowling but have not heard back.
  10. i got an email from them yesterday but did not read it as the bags being "on sale" but rather "for sale." i deleted it so i may be wrong.
  11. These bags were FOR sale and they're the new items for the store....
  12. Thanks for the clarification.
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