Great sale at Bergdorf's

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    49%-50% off! Here's the best parts, they're cheaper than ebay, I don't have to worry about authenticity, and if I'm attacked by buyers remorse, I can return at least one of them. So yes, I am now the proud owner of a luella Luca and a Luella Linda. I've promised myself I'm going to send one of them back, but I've been known to break my promises.

    Champaign taste on a beer budget strikes again!
  2. Funny but if you go to the main site, click sales and values, then handbags...these don't show up. How did you find the sale?
  3. Yes, how did you find the sale?

    Anyway, I just bought the small "suzi" brick red.
  4. Nice! Thanks for the headsup.
  5. Is Luella a household name? Thanks!
  6. Not in my house, if my husband knew how much I can spend on purses he'd kill himself. :biggrin: Kidding, I've know about this line for a few years, I don't know what else to say.

    How I found out about the sale??? obsessive compusive behavior, of course. I was trying to see if the price of a Luella purse (luca, I think) on ebay was close to the mark, so I googled Luella hobo and two hits from Bergdorf's (on sale) came up. When I searched on Bg's site for more Luellas, even the two I found didn't show, so I did what the reasonable an obsessive compulsive person does-- I called customer service. The nice woman I spoke with emailed me the link, et voila, I'm a lot more broke than I was yesterday--and that's really sad. BUT, woo hoo, even if I keep them both (twitch twitch) the cost of two is still less than what they're going for on Bluefly. Some days it's worth getting out of bed. :lol:

  7. congratulations on your finds!! those are two cute bags!!
  8. I agree. A couple days ago I saw the same one (red suzi) on Bluefly but at $880.
  9. Bergdorf's has really good handbag sales. There's a really good one in December too.
  10. Yeah..that was weird! Couldn't find them by going through the sale links on the site. But I love that red Suzi! Oh so tempted! I've been wanting a red bag...
  11. Thanks for posting the link! I may have ordered the last of the red Suzi totes because when I went back to the link, it is no longer available.
  12. Yeah, I also got the impression that there were very few (one?) of each, which is why I bought two. Better to have them in my hands and decide I don't like one or the other and send it back, than to be kicking myself for not buying an amazing purse at a great price when I had the chance.
  13. Keep the promotion codes coming......Loving 'em.
  14. awesome!!!
  15. I'm sorry, I think i missed it. Im trying to get soething from this site now, but i dont know what the promotional code for it is. Help pls?