Great SA on Rodeo Drive in Los Angeles


Live, Love, Laugh
Aug 9, 2009
Los Angeles
I've been to a few LV stores and sadly I learned not all SA's are created equal :sad:

But I wanted to share with you a fantastic SA at the Louis Vuitton store on Rodeo Drive in Los Angeles. His name is David and he has a blonde fohawk :smile: and he was THE most helpful and nicest person.

I was looking for a particular wallet that is "Made in France", and I know all LV's are made equally but it's just a personal thing. Most of the SA's I've asked were nice but wouldn't even bother to check to see if they actually had what I was looking for and told me I'd probably have to just pick it up in Paris. Not helpful at all..

But David went out of his way to to check all the wallets for me to see if they had one. And when I asked if they had a particular color (a red zippy) he told me they didn't have it but happily offered to call Saks for me to see if they did.

So anyone looking for a super nice SA in Los Angeles who really wants to satisfy their customer I highly recommend getting David to help you.