Great SA at Selfridges in London!

  1. If anyone needs anything at "Selfridges" in London, (Oxford Street) I have a great SA there. His name is "Kim" and he just sent me the new Chloe keyring with the multiple charms! It was 144 pounds, (not cheap, but this keyring is adorable!) and that is without the VAT since it was sent to me in the USA. He was very nice and knows the Chloe line very well. The number there (if calling from the USA) is: 011-44-113-369-8040. Just press the menu button for Oxford Street and get Chloe accessories, and then ask for Kim. :tup: I forgot who on PF mentioned the keyring, but THANK YOU! I love it! Great tip!!!
  2. Beanie I remember that keyring. It was very, very adorable. Did you just get it now? How are you going to use it? As an actualy keyring or as a purse charm!!
  3. I am using it as a purse charm:smile: :heart: I have some large Chloe rings (they came in three colors; brass, black and antique silver) from sometime in '06, and I use these to clip on other purse charms. I usually have two (or sometimes three if they're not too big) charms on my Chloe bag. I usually, however, do not do more than one charm on the medium paddingtons since that isn't a big enough bag for more than one. (I don't want to be TOO "jangly!"):p I wish I could show a pic, but as you know...the LAST thing I want to do is ask DH to photograph anything in the Chloe closet!! (HORRORS:smile: :shame::shame:
  4. Believe it or not I actually understand!!:yes: