Great quote!

  1. :yes: After just finishing an article in Canada's "Flare" magazine about "it" (designer) bags (Sept. issue), I just had to share how the article finishes. It goes on to say how counterfeit bags are illegal, etc. but the best part for me is when they say:

    "Sure, you may fool some of the people some of the time, but what exactly is the point? After all, you are what you carry."

    Isn't that just it!!
  2. LOL... so true.
    it's the matter of your principle rather than money sometimes :smile:
  3. Perfectly said!
  4. So cute!! Love it!
  5. hahaha. soo true soo true! loves it.
    i'm going to muttering 'you are what you wear' to all the fake carriers now. oopsies!
  6. neato that was my 400th post.. score! (soo new to this but its a milestone nonetheless)
  7. That's brilliant!!! I LOVE it!!!
  8. that's so true!

    congrats barbie.bell!!!!! here's too 400 more posts.
  9. So true. Love it!