GREAT prices on Christian Louboutin's on bluefly!

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  1. Just a heads up...those aren't amazing deals. Most of the shoes are old styles/not popular. You can find much better deals online or in stores like Saks or Neiman's for current styles.
  2. also SIZES are sooo limited!
  3. Looks like most are size 10 and up!
  4. some people don't mind if they aren't current styles....
  5. Hey not bad, a pair of white pumps I was eying a few months back are 50% off now. Too bad I can't shop :crybaby:
  6. :tdown:
  7. The mustard suede lace up 'Sarah B' are hot! I wish I had a bigger foot. I think the flats never go out of style.
  8. I hope with the pointed toe that these run a bit small, because they'd be perfect with my wedding gown!!
    I got these:
  9. Alot of old styles, but the satin ones might come in handy for brides/bridesmaids. To right that the sales at Saks, Nordies etc were way better than those prices on cuter shoes.
  10. The sizes are so limited!!!
  11. I have those shoes in both black and blue (slightly different style but with the stones) and they are the most fabulous shoes EVER. I just walk around with a smile. If they don't run small enough for you, just put some pads in the ball of the foot and/or in the heel. Louboutins run about 1/2 size small, at least for me, so I think you'll be in luck. Post pictures of the shoes with your gown!
  12. ^ Thanks for the tip! I'd be walking on the clouds if these worked out for me.

    I was at Saks the day after xmas and had three glorious pairs of CLs ready to buy, but the SA wasn't able to find matching halfs for my shoes. I was so close to getting the gold graffiti pumps for less than $300!! This bluefly pair will make up for it, I hope!
  13. They look like older styles as stated above, but thanks for the tip anyway. It's a good deal if you can find your size...
  14. i am checking every day you never know