Great Prices on Bulga, Hayden & Harnett & Rebecca Minkoff! Pictures!

  1. I posted this on the Rebecca Minkoff forum, but had to share with everybody because Cami has some amazing deals on her purses right now!

    I am HOOKED on Rebecca Minkoff bags. I went on to check out which stores carry her purses and noticed one in my neiborhood, Cami in Manhattan Beach. I zipped over there this morning and bought four bags the deals were too amazing for me to pass up.

    She also has other things on sale like Hayden Harnett Bungalow for $262 and a GORGEOUS Bulga for $515 down from $725!!!! I bought the four Rebecca Minkoffs purses on the left but she has the dream bags available, down from $625 to $325!!!:woohoo:

    I got soooo excited I took pictures!

    She's not online but email Cami call, she's awesome! or call her at (310) 545-2264.

  2. omg gorgeous! I am gonna email her right now! Is she fast with emails?
  3. what a great deal I'm so jealous. What color is the MA bag I've been searching for one in the natural tone. Does she have anymore?
  4. I think I cleaned Cami out of Rebecca Minkoff stock except for the Dream Bags. Her store is closed on Mondays, but she is a real sweetheart and very good to her customers. When I saw her this morning, she said that she has visitors from N.Y. visiting her this weekend, but you can try emailing her. Cami will be getting the Spring 2008 line soon, so check with her and put your purse on hold before all of them go!

    The MA Mini is a Saddle and JUST PERFECT! :heart: But the Nikki is a tad big for me. :crybaby: