Great price on Marc Jacobs

  1. OK then...hurry buy the orange/metallic shoulder tote so I won't...
    Browsing at Nordstroms I came upon the black patent ursula lee (still 950 on the Neiman web site) for only $394 and a host of metalics the tote in silver/blue or silver/orange for only $274 and also the metallic silver and blue satchel...dont know the price of this one.
    I held the Ursula and the orange shoulder tote under my name..Maggie for anyone who might want them. The phone number is 801 261-4402 and the SA is Melissa...she is a sweetie.
    I already have the patent and I have the orange satchel so I am holding back...such a deal ....I hope someone can get these. maggie:wlae:
  2. let me look at it then.. thanks for the info..
  3. Two more bags at same low pricing..hobo's with the strap clasp one in putty and one in blue...maggie
  4. hmmm, can't picture that style. Is it calf or patent?
  5. i hope they still have the black patent but i highly doubt it.
  6. thank you! They usually have good clearence bags.
  7. decided to call and luckily they still have the black one. thanks so much aereodyte! just bought the black patent elise! and it's great b/c i can still return it if i end up not liking the bag.
  8. Awesome..I have this bag and just love it. Great price too...I just today saw a white tone..sort of ivory..don't know the official color name at the other Nordstrom here...Rose is the sales lady 801 322-4200. maggie
  9. ok so..has the bag arrived? I carried mine yesterday and had forgotten how great it is..goat skin and all..leather in the inside..nice...etc..what do you think? maggie
  10. Maggie & Nat_Attak, you are referring to Ursula Lee instead of Ursula Elise right? I was always told by Nordies SA that their buyers didn't get Elise in Patent Leather.

    Congrats everyone on these deals. =)
  11. The official color name is Chalk. =)
  12.'s this bag listed on Marc for spring as lee. thanks maggie
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  13. Is that the mj bag??? I been looking for that one in Ivory color!
  14. Hi the last one I saw was at Nordstrom 801 3224200 on the sale table ..don't know if it's still there. good luck maggie
  15. oh and Neiman has it in lime green on the web on the sale page. m