Great Price on a Grey Work

  1. it's a GREAT bag! you should get this! ET's a reputable seller...
  2. I would go for it. My gris Fonce City is from her and that grey is truly stunning IRL.:drool:
  3. Awesome price!! I don't even think the marks she mentioned are that obvious.. it's from everyday wear and tear.
    Go for it!!
  4. go for it,fendi!
    what a great price for a work.
  5. Looks like the spring '06 to me. What a great deal! You should grab this if you like the color.:smile:
  6. Wouldn't my sis kill for that... :p
  7. So, is it Greige?
  8. no, the greige is from fall 06, this is the gris fonce/grey from spring 06!
  9. Thanks for the answer! I thought it looked darker.
  10. She is a lovely seller :yes: and the bag is TDF :love: I really wish I could :crybaby:
  11. Yeah, the Gris Fonce is a darker Grey ... reminds me a little bit of the '05 Pewter (which I LOVE!). I had seen one at Barneys some time ago, and I'm still kicking myself for not buying it!
  12. I have a question though ... how come some sellers can list a number of B-Bags, and others can't??? eBay stops me after 1 ...
  13. This would be a great bag to own. Great color and size.
  14. Wish me luck. I've got a bid on it. After this I absolutely must stop. I have bought 3 Bbags in the last month

    Well, since it's now 2007, I can say I haven't bought any bags since last year. That sounds really good.