Great Price! Ocean Botkier Trigger

  1. Neiman Marcus
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  1. OMG that is killing me.....:wtf: :crybaby: :love: :girlsigh: :yes:
    Thanks for the's certainly beautiful:heart:
  2. Cool! Is that the Turbo Trigger or the regular one? I still have trouble distinguishing them... Does anyone know the difference?
  3. Turbo according to the site. Otherwise I don't know :shrugs:
  4. that is too good of a price to pass up! thanks for the heads up, missvintage!
  5. omg. GREAT DEAL. better than the deals at the BOtkier SS!!! ARUGH. If i only didn't buy the chanel flap, the chloe betty, the botkier skeleton and Chanel PUMPS LAST MONTH!!!!
  6. WOW what a great deal...I love Botkier bags.

  7. OMG what a wonderful deal on a beautiful bag - I just don't see myself ever using that color!!!!!!!:shrugs:
  8. What a beautiful bag and great price! Wish it was less of a "sea foam" color and more of a blue- I don't think I'd use that color either. Thanks for sharing though- someone's going to grab it!
  9. the same one is on eBay for 189!
  10. There are a number of botkier bags on sale (about 1/3 of retail) on the NM last call online.
  11. Wow, what a deal! I'm so tempted.
  12. Mmmmm sea foam green...that is gorgeous...would be a great summer bag hmmmmmm
  13. I'm not in love with it but would probably buy it just for a specific outfit or something.
  14. Are they all gone? I can't find them!
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