GREAT price Hayden-Harnett Lorca Saddle


    I had to post this because I bought a HH Inka from this eBay seller and it was great. If I were a bad girl, I would send the Lorca Demi in saddle I bought from HH but I'm not going to do that. I hope one of you gets this. If you do, just make sure you let me know! I want to share in the love!!!!
  2. Okay, I caved and bought it. :smile: I have the Lorca demi in Poppy Red and just love this saddle one was just screaming at me to buy her. Thank you SO much for the tip!!
  3. I have that exact bag. You'll love it!
  4. I've had this bag in peach for months and have yet to use it. I want to, but I'm afraid it is too slouchy. Is it?
  5. Thanks so much for posting this! I bought the black Havana Hobo she/he had for sale...Super good buy it now price! :yahoo: Hopefully the shipping is fast and the bag is perfect and as described! Thanks again for the tip! :tup:
  6. I'm so glad I could share in the love. Of course, I can't guarantee your experience will be perfect but mine was. It was shipped quickly and it was perfect when I got it. He/she was very responsive to my questions, prior to the sale so I hope your purses are fabulous!
  7. And, I can only imagine how that purse looks in Poppy Red. Wonderful!
  8. I almost bought that...but hubby would not let me use his Paypal account! What a great buy! I bought mine for 216.00 from HH yesterday...also bought the cute coin purse w/studs in Cobalt.
  9. Ah, YOU'RE the one that bought the Havana! I went back and was going to post that she had one for sale, and then I saw it was already gone. Congrats...I have the Havana in white and I love it. The silk lining is to die for...I keep reaching into my bag to feel it!:drool:
  10. Got my Lorca today and I LOVE it! I didn't realize the leathers were going to be so different between the poppy and saddle; the saddle definitely will require more work to keep unscratched and clean. :smile: Thanks again for the tip!
  11. You're welcome sailor. I'm so glad you like the bag. I have a saddle Lorca and love it. Glamour, if you get your bag and decide you don't want it, let me know. I'll buy it from you. I want a black Hayden-Harnett with that pretty silk lining.
  12. I just got mine today...unfortunately it just has the regular HH lining in black...I'll let you know if I decide to part with it! :yes:
  13. Glamour-

    I hope you love the purse. I am obsessed with that silk lining. I'll keep searching until I find the right purse for me! How I love a good obsession.