Great Price for Juicy Couture Bags @ Bloomingdales (in-store)

  1. so here it goes ladies..
    i just bought two juicy couture bag @ SF bloomies for $235 total..

    got this one in gold for 167.99 plus additional 15% coupon..

    and this one in black for 86.99 plus additional 15% coupon..

    the differences are : the top one in gold, it doesn't have the flap top.. the second one doesn't have zipper on top.. only magnetic closure.. but still, it's pretty good deal!! :tup:
    i'll post picture when i get home..

    you probably can give them a call and they can hold it or ship it to you..

    the first one only available in gold.. the second one, they also have red/maroon color.. when i left, there are 3 of the first bag.. 5 of the second one in black.. and 2 of the second one in red/maroon..

    here's the coupon if anyone interested..

    gooddd deaalll:tup: