Great Price for Ink Work $1150 BIN or BO

  1. Looks like veiny ink, just like Deco likes it :nuts: :tender: :happydance: :winkiss: :balloon:
  2. you know me well, slinks! :drool:
  3. Hey, I'm on (un)official purse ban, what do I have left but enabling?
  4. Y'all are terrible :P
  5. :nuts: its GONE.... was it you - Decophile? or was it you - Nymph? :graucho:
  6. veiny. but I would have done BIn also ~phew~ I was saved on this one. Ink is still my fave Bbag color.
  7. You and me both! Phew! that was a close call. And no, I didn't buy it, thank God! It would have been my FOURTH ink.

    Helen, talk about Ink high. I've been mainlining Ink!
  8. I GOT IT!!!
    This will be my second Balenciaga---in a month!!!
    I went from 0 bbags to 2.........
    now i'm really broke =/
    but at least i have my favorite bbags =)

    okay back to studying..i swear this place just SUCKS me typing my paper and suddenly im here lookin at all the wonderful auctions and posts =).

    THANK YOU DECOPHILE FOR POSTING THE AUCTION!! I've wanted an Ink for a pretty long time now!! Thank you so much for letting people know when a good deal and most importantly, AUTHENTIC, deal appears on ebay :heart:
  9. ^OMG! that's wonderful! I particularly like the one you got. I love the marbled, shiny leather. Not on all colors, but definitely prefer it on the Ink.

    Congrats! I'm so glad it went to a good PFer home, and preferably not mine because I have a serious Ink problem! But always happy enable:graucho:
  10. :yahoo: congrats azianprideangel :yahoo:
  11. now u can use ur ink to finish writing ur paper! so that when ur new ink arrives, you can actually enjoy it even more! :P :popcorn: sorry for being so's pretty late! :blush:
  12. Congrats!:yahoo:
    I think I will follow leatherlovers example and lower my price as well. If not it might be too late for an ink city.
  13. Congrats APA! That ink is gorgeous and a great price!