Great Price For A Brand New Truffle City W/gh???

  1. What, in everyone's expert Bbag buying experience, is a great/reasonable/fair eBay price for this bag? I realize that it is not a RARE color, but it is the GH and brand new. Expert Bbag buyer opinions please.

    Pretty please.............:smile:
  2. You can still find them in stores for $1595. So I would think a good price is between $1000-$1500. Less than $1000 and I'd worry about the authenticity and more than $1500, just buy retail. If you want retail, Saks New Orleans had one in truffle.
  3. Yeah!! Someone responded! Thanks!!!

    Truth be told I have one that I am trying to find a home for and it is EXACTLY as described above. Though I have had some really low (in my opinion) offers. Like $1000.00 to $1100.00. Whereas I have seen the same bag, though in different colors, go for almost retail, $1595.00!!!?? It has been nuts! Bbags pretty much retain their full value or atleast really close to it. They don't get discounted $500 dollars! Oh well............she needs to go to someone that appreciates her value:queen:.

    BTW, I am not trying to sell anything on this forum, so noone jump on me............just gettting opinions!
  4. you can get a new one at LVR for 1400, and aloharag for 1595.. so i think 1100 to 1300 is a reseonable price for eBay. if you dun feel like to take the risk, you can just pay a little bit more for retail..
  5. :confused1: I just calculated the LVR price in USD and it was $1580, not $1400.00.............? I would consider the $1300.00 but I haven't even gotten that high of an offer. Even $300 off retail is a substantial savings. But we all know that Ebay can be so up and down.

    Oh well, I guess I will just keep waiting for the right person. Thanks for the advice:smile: .
  6. ahhh, I know how you feel! I sold my White City that I had never used yet for only $1000 shipped ... so after the fees and shipping I was out a total of about $295 :push:

    very painful :crybaby:
  7. Yep, it hurts. I guess what gets me is that I have watched all of the GH on Ebay and the vast majority have sold for very close to retail.
    There was a FAKE that sold for over $1500.00:cursing: .
    Maybe no one likes my truffle beauty:confused1: !!!

    I will just keep on trying! Thanks!
  8. I think you should do a bid strating at $999.99 with a reserve for $1300. That is what I'd do. You can probably get $1400.
  9. Good idea! If it does not go this time, I will relist with a different strategy! 3rd times a charm, let's hope! Thanks!
  10. Hey - you're getting a lot of responses:yes: . Hope you sell it soon. Truffle is a lovely color. You want to trade? LOL . ( kidding - have to return mine ).