Great Pregnancy Clothing Online Retailers

  1. Can anyone direct me to any great pregnancy clothing online retailers? This is my one and only pregnancy, and I want to dress up to the occasion. I never thought this would happen for me.:yahoo: Thanks for your help!
  2. You might want to post this in Pregnancy & Parenting forum.

  3. TX..I'll look through my list and PM you with some sites that I posted about in November. I was actively looking for such sites for chloesmygirl before she had her twins. Are you looking for maternity clothing and infant clothing/accessories?
  4. Would you mind passing that list on to me as well? Thanks a ton!
  5. Please add me to the list too!
  6. Right now, has a great discount on maternity clothing. I also found and offering a great selection of affordable maternity clothing. Another tip, I shopped a lot at H&M while I was pregnant, since it's usually cheaper and more stylish than maternity stores. You can always find a lot of babydoll/empire-waist clothes which are great for expanding bellies.
    Hope this helps!
  7. Also try, they have some nice maternity clothes on sale.
  8. Pea in the Pod carries the best designer maternity clothes - CoH, Michael Stars, Chaiken, etc. but they have an awful return policy. Sale items aren't returnable.

    Nordstrom has lots of cute maternity clothes. Olian and Japanese Weekend are available at Nordstrom. I found a ton on sale at NR.

    There are lots of great maternity boutiques. I liked due maternity and babystyle
  9. Thanks Bagachodriac! You're sweet.:yes: