Great Pre-sale Going On At Saks!!! Cl's , Prada,ysl, Mb,ect

  1. Just stopped by my local Saks today and I just wanted to let all of you know that there is a pre-sale going on a wide variety of shoes. I purchased 5 pairs of CL'S!!!!!!!. THE shoes that were on sale are as follows, lady gres (mos green , purple, and grey), the goya bootie ,another bootie that has some sort of pleating going, very prive snakeskin ,a couple of patent leather wedges, the zip oxford bootie in camel and black, the graffiti pumps, and about 10 other styles. Sorry for the confusion on the names. FYI my local Saks is the Beverly Hills store, and if anyone needs a SA i ave a fantastic one who I adore.:yahoo:
  2. omg, i need the lady gres in grey! do you know the % off?
  3. Thank you soooo much ledaatomica for the heads up about the online sale! :tup: I got two gorgeous pairs of Jimmy Choo boots that I've been eyeing for forever!
  4. I got the lady gres in green and numero prives in red patent with gold tip on sale today.

    if anyone is a size 40 and is looking for either the bling bling, hercules or grey suede lady gres for 33% off..let me know. My sas holding them, but ive bought too many things already and cant keep continuing to buy!!!
  5. My Saks had nothing today! (Short Hills, NJ)
    Very upsetting!
    Online is way better!
  6. does anyone have a rundown of what the sales for CL are looking like at other department stores?
  7. which Saks did you buy them from?? omg i've been hunting for a pair of bling bling and numero prives in red patent in size 37!!! does your SA have them?? :graucho:
  8. I noticed the online sale early this morning. :wlae:I have been stalking these slingbacks. I just can't bring myself to buy another pair and I haven't started Christmas shopping for anyone else but myself! :s

  9. The selections in store are amazing! I was at saks, bergdorfs and Barneys last night during pre-sales and all the beauitful CL shoes are on sale. Get there fast before the sizes are gone.
    There were so many women at Bergdorfs this morning - it was like they were giving the shoes away.
    And the croc CL shoes are all on sale - but still pricey at $3k.
  10. Nothing spoke to me until I got to page 9 of the pumps. There were a pair of Marc Jacobs brown suede and patent leather pumps that were gorgeous. Unfortunatly all they had were 36, 37, and 40. What happened to 38/39?!?!
  11. darn i wish i was in NY so i could go see the shoes in person!! the sales sound amazing!!
  12. ^kamilla: which stores were you at?? what were on sale!? more intel please! i just called my SA at Boca Raton Saks and he told me the activas and pumps with zipper were going on sale... so are the prada bellerinas, miumiu pumps, some guccis and fendis...
  13. LadyD - I was at Saks in NY. From what I remember:
    Castillana in black patent
    Very prive in yellow satin with black trim
    Very Prive in black pony, grey pony
    Very Prive in whipsnake
    Lapano in black patent
    Lady Gres in green and grey suede
    Caracolo - red patent, black patent, and gold patent
    Python green yoyos
    Metallica bootie
    Lots of flats - don't know the names

    That is what I can remember from the saks sale. But I highly recommend going to Bergdorfs, the selection was much better!
  14. Ok I will rack my brain about Bergdorfs items at sale in store:
    Tons of pigalles - so many colors, red patent, black patent, black kidskin, leopard pony hair, yoze kubrik, black kidskin with the crisscross toe box, tan suede
    Numero prive in red patent and red kidskin
    Lapano - but they only have it in size 35 which is the last pair
    Croc Simple Pumps, Croc Pigalle, Croc Mary Jane style w/ platform and peep toe(forgot the name)
    So many others, but I am blanking now. It is worth a trip.