Great place for mani/pedi in Athens Greece?

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  1. I've been looking for a great CLEAN place to go for mani/pedi in Athens. Most woman I know have someone come to the house. If someone can recommend a wonderful nail salon OR manicurist I would really appreciate it! TIA:smile:
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    This is the salon i go to the one at Hilton area, it's close to Hilton hotel and Divani caravel Hotel. Super clean and great service.

    I used to go at Nychi Nychi (Νυχι Νυχι) at Kolonaki but they destroyed my toe nails.
  3. Thanks I will definitely try them. I've heard tons of commercials on the radio for Nuxi I know not to try them!
  4. They've become too big to be good anymore, they used to be great a few years back, but now the quality of service is way down.