great pics of my grenat paddy

  1. wow! they look great! i feel nostalgic looking at them! hehe.
  2. Beautiful bag! Now that is the Paddington leather we all came to know and love. I miss it!! She reminds me of my tan and chocolate Paddys.
  3. lovely paddy grenat is on its way(hoepfully!), purchased from a fellow Pf'er, so I hope its as lovely as yours!!


  4. The grenat is such a beautiful colour. Congrats!
  5. Mmmmmm.... lovely pics, lovely colour... I thought I had gotten over my love for grenat and settled for mousse, and now this!

    Congrats, you have a gorgeous bag there!:love:
  6. oh boy.. that is such a beauty!!! lucky gal!!
  7. I love this colour... :smile:
  8. Beautiful!!! The backdrop is Gorgeous,too!!!
  9. This is my first post on this forum. I had to write as those pics were so beautiful. I just ordered my first Chloe bag (another first) yesterday from Bluefly, it is the same grenat paddy. I hope mine is as gorgeous as yours.
  10. Very pretty! I used to have the hot rod red colour from Summer 05, but the grenat is much nicer, much warmer.
  11. Gorgeous!
  12. wow, I really am jealous now.. i want my paddy....
  13. Hmmm, happen to have a link for that? Bluefly is selling fake Balenciagas in past season colors. Since grenat is also a past season color, and there were some questionable pics of paddys floating around, you may be receiving a fake. Luckily Bluefly has a great return policy....Hoping for the best for you.

  14. Thanks for all the compliments ladies. I do really love this bag, but I think the "true red" is the color for me. I find the grenat a bit too subdued. I also have a great many red accessories (watch, shoes, boots, coats, ect ect lol) that wuld match the red better so this one is now on ebay. I hope it goes to a loving home:smile: