Great Pics Of Dior Gaucho

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  1. 1400? that's it? bag must not be doing to well..
  2. I got a message from Dior that the bag was 1395 and available at Dior NYC. They are available, not sold out to my knowledge. I think the large on eluxury is still there.
  3. wow so i guess not everyone loves it as much as i thought! i have yet to see one in person though... it's a maybe on my list.
  4. Yeah, it doesn't seem as in demand as I thought it would be.
  5. And it's still on ebay..
  6. I mean elux.. i'm sleepy..
  7. very nice pics indeed.

    The Gaucho looks very good in the pics. I haven't seen it in real life in Dior boutiques here yet.
  8. I think it will catch on a little later. Keep in mind, we're bag nuts here so we probably get excited about things before most others. :P
  9. i think we're also a little ahead of the curve because we're all so obsessed. we knew months ago that this was going to be one of THE BAGS for spring, but a lot of women are just hearing a little about it recently in the spring mags and it hasn't really gotten famous yet - so we have the advantage!
  10. I like the white, it's probably my favorite color for the bag, along with the dark red. I wonder if the Dior boutique here has any available to see up close. I'll have to stop in there sometime this weekend or next week.
  11. hmmm....i'm starting to like it! the medium sized one isn't ad at all.
  12. I was just thinking that. People probably don't even realize that there are a few available right now. The still haven't hit all the stores. Just a handful with a small amount.
  13. I LOVE this bag! It's the only "IT" bag I like this spring really.
  14. I love the white medium bag.. it's the only one I like.