Great Pic Of Lila Grace & Mom Kate + More Star Kids & Babies

  1. [​IMG]

  2. aww... thier children are soo adorable. i think cindy crawford's daughter has the potential to be a super model just like her mom, she is stunning. :yes:
  3. cindy crawford's daughter looks like a model already!:nuts:
  4. ^^Agreed!

    And Brooke Shields' kids are gorgeous!!
  5. Such cute mommies and kids!!!! Brooke's girls look soooo much alike, so cute.
  6. i love lila... she is sooo cute
  7. they r alll beaaaaautiful ... Cindy's daughter is a copy of her mum ...:heart:
  8. Oh.. these kids are just adorable! :heart:
  9. Kate Moss is the coolest of the cool!

    Gwen Stefani is stupid and ugly.
  10. i think kingston looks just like gavin rossdale...hahaha!

    cindy's daughter looks sooo pretty...i wonder what these kids'll look like in 15 years??
  11. they all looks gorgeous and cute!!!
  12. Lila Grace is so cute, she looks just like her mom! love her
  13. Wow- I think she's hot! LOL What exactly makes her stupid?
  14. I agree..She's stunning :nuts: ..What makes her stubid? :confused1:
  15. They're all so cute. Lila is a fashionista just like her mom.