~ Great People Here ~

  1. Ever since I came here this past August, I've enjoyed this site a lot. I'm hooked, and I have to say how exciting it was to have this place to share my enjoyment with my new Speedy and when I first bought my MC Rift. I never imagined I would have a Speedy, or never imagined having two LV purses within less than 3 months. I always wanted LV purses for years, but never put the money down.

    Why oh why do I want matching accessories now. :upsidedown:

    I feel like there isn't anyone else that gets why my purses make me happy (besides my husband who has commented recently that he sees me always on this site, or louis vuitton.com or ebay). I know its called an addiction to LV :lol:

    The best part of this Forum is the Great People Here! :flowers:
    I'm using Orange and Black for the upcoming Halloween :yahoo:
    And mostly thanks to Megs and Vlad for starting this forum.

    Hey, Oh ya, I haven't seen the winners yet talk about their nice gifts they won from the Contest. Does anyone know if there were any posts from the winners? Just curious. :yes:
  2. :welcome:
  3. :cutesy:

    (obviously copying Vlad here)
  4. [​IMG]
    Hugs all around!
    It's nice to have a place where people understand. Understand & encourage. Understand, encourage, & enable!!
    Oh my! This place is trouble.
    But in a good way ;)
  5. i agree with taco.. this place is so bad for me.. lol. so is the marketplace omg.. but it really is nice to be around those that understand and support you. :smile:

    ot: taco i LOVE your sig. that's hilarious.
  6. You are so correct. This is a great place. Congratulations on your new purchases. I am like you, I started with a couple of bags, and now, I am putting together my accessories collection.
  7. i love this place as well. im addicted to it. im always on tPf.
    because the people around me just dont understand whats with me and bags. whats with me and LV.
    i adore this place.
  8. I adore this place. I love it that no one judges my obsession here.
  9. everyone is so kind, helpful, generous, especially the awesome authentication folks!!!!!!!!!! just can't say thanks enough to them and everyone for creating such an awesome, warm and welcoming community =)
  10. I love this place. Everyone understands, encourages, enables...and thats not in any particular order. I :love: you guys
  11. :love: I love this place too!! Everyone is soooooo nice and its so nice to have a group that understands your love for purses! Its so terrrible though, because I want to buy more and more LV.
  12. I love this place too. I am on this forum all the time. It's nice to be around a bunch of great people who understand my love of bags.
  13. I am so addicted to tPF and everyone is so wonderful. No wonder why I spend most of my day here. However my spending has significantly increased since finding this place! :P
  14. This site took over my life!!!:Push: But I LOVE IT!!!:graucho: :graucho: :graucho:

    OMG!!! Taco, your smileys make my day!!! ALWAYS!!!:lol:
  15. You know pearl that your compliment also extends to yourself!