Great PCE Experience in Seattle

  1. I had purchased the Hamptons Business Tote but it is really heavy and I was feeling I wanted something a little less structured. I wanted something that could be worn with jeans or a little dressier. I had been interested in the Large Magazine Tote but the store closest to me didn't have one.

    I found one in a store further from my home and fell in love. It's PERFECT...but they didn't have it in Black. The SA who helped me ordered it and had it shipped PRIORITY OVERNIGHT for FREE!!! I just got an email that the bag was actually shipped today (same day ordered) and is due to be delivered tomorrow morning!

    I am so excited!

    :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:
  2. Congratulations! Please take a picture for us!
  3. Congrats! the magazine tote is so versatile!
  4. oooh, congrats!!