Great Outlet Night!

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  1. I went to the outlet in Aurora Ohio on Friday night (daughter's soccer game was .34 miles soccer game ever!) Anyhoo....

    I found a black leather duffle for $80.00 and the framed wristlet to match for 47.00. I also picked up the gold fish key chain for 24.00, lavender dog collar for 29.00, M initial for my sister in law for 13.00 and the bumble bee ponytail scarf for 29.00. My whole bill along with tax was like $250.00. Wow! A lot of stuff for a small price. I was pretty excited. :tup: Here's a picture of the duffle and the wristlet.
    duffle and framed wristlet.jpg
  2. Oooh The duffle is nice!
  3. great loot!!!!!!

  4. Wow! That's a great haul! I'm hoping the outlets will still have great stuff this weekend.

    Can you post a pic of the scarf?
  5. Great duffle and I love that wristlet! Good Shopper!:tup:
  6. I can post a pic of the other stuff when I get home tonight. Everything was so cute...and a great price...I got almost everything I wanted.... :smile: Almost everything....
  7. Great finds! I have been wanting to go to the Aurora outlet, but it's like a 3 hour drive and the Jefferson outlet is closer. Do they have any signature stuff at Aurora?
  8. i love that wristlet. i have 2!
  9. I did not see any signature stuff there and come to think of it ...I don't think I have in all the times I've been out there...a lot of leather, the classics and the made for outlet bags...
  10. Those are great finds. I have that wristlet in saddle, but I think I paid a little more. You did good!
  11. I love duffles!^-^
    congrats on your finds!they're cute!
  12. Great finds!!
  13. Gotta love some outlet shopping!:wlae:
  14. Love all of it! Congrats on a great haul!
  15. Congrats! The bee scarf is something i've wanted for a while!