Great Outlet finds + my collection!!!

  1. My boyfriend gave me a $250 coach giftcard for Christmas so I went to the Outlets in Gilroy to see what they had. In the end I forgot the giftcard :tdown: but I guess it gives me another reason to go coach.:yahoo:

    Heres what I got.....
    Hamptons large leather carryall in Turquoise $215, North South Gallery tote in Chocolate $199, and a black Ergo tote $199. All on Clearance with an extra 20%! Boy do I love the outlets.

    I also got these phone lanyards.
    They are gorgeous, I got one for me and one for my sister but I can't decide which one to give up.They were $16.

    The SA I talked to said she was so excited for all the new stuff and they are supposed to be getting tons of great new stuff in the next couple of weeks.
  2. Heres my collection:
    My signature strip large tote in Black gunmetal and medium in Brown/brownze with matching wristlets.

    My Signature gallery tote in black and the North South tote in Chocolate.

    My Ergo hobos in Signature Chocolate and black leather, also the Ergo tote in black leather.

    Black Kerry sunglasses, Cellphone lanyards, Soho wristlets.

    Black signature medium Carly, Hamptons large leather carryall and I believe it's called Soho braided hobo.

    Heres a group shot.

    Thanks for viewing!!! I love coach!!!
  3. Beautiful collection! Love the phone accessories!
  4. gorgeous collection!
    and the turquoise bag is a nice colorful addition
  5. Awesome collection!!! Love the pop of turquoise color!
  6. Such great finds at the outlet, and I love your collection! Thanks for postic pics!
  7. Wow! You got some great deals! Congrats! By the way your collection is wonderful!
  8. beautiful collection,. thanks for sharing.
  9. Wow!! Such great finds! I should take a trip down to Gilroy in the nest couple of weeks. Was the selection good?
  10. beautiful, congrats!!! :tup:
  11. Great collection!!

    The lanyards are soooo cute!! I hope they get cute ones at my outlet soon!
  12. I thought it was pretty good, tons of leather gallery totes in a bunch of different colors a few signature north south totes in black, chocolate and khaki/tan, lots of ergo totes and hobos in Black, plum, and tan as well as some belted hobos and magazine totes. They still had some lurex in black and raspberry, a lot of bleeker wallets and wristlets, bleeker duffles in Ink and green. Thats all I can remember but they had tons of new stuff.They had a wall full of pink signature purses but I didn't really take a close look at them.
  13. Great haul from the outlet! I really love the north-south tote & wish I would've gotten one! And your collection is just amazing, thanks for sharing the pics! Enjoy :tup:
  14. That Turquoise is hotness! Love your finds. :tup:
  15. Great stuff!!!!! :yes: