Great Nordstrom experience

Jul 17, 2008
I went to Nordstrom today to return a shirt that I had bought for my husband. I followed the care instructions, but the shirt tore during washing. The SA helped me look for one in the store, and when we couldn't find one, he pulled up my info, ordered me one from another store, gave me a gift card for the price adjustment, and said I could expect my shirt in about 5 days (no charge, and it could even ship today)! Wow, that is really how shopping should be!
So, thank you to the SA in the men's dept of the Burlington, MA Nordstrom! This experience has really made my entire day!
Oh, and I found a great pair of jeans on clearance at Lord & Taylor:nuts:


Dec 30, 2007
I hope you write a letter to the company detailing the good service. People complain about bad service, but rarely give a good report to those who do well.


Aug 13, 2009
i love nordstorm, they always have great service when i go. glad they did that for you, and i agree with the above poster - write a letter telling them how much you appreciated their service!


Oct 24, 2008
I love Nordstrom's SAs and CS. They are the best! Sadly, the corporate should keep up with their employees.

I usually buy cosmetics from them, especially when they have nice GWP. But I'm dissapointed that for the last 2 GWPs they don't have enough stock in the store. My SA told me that they only have very limited amount of GWPs to begin with, probably less than 50 while it was a big store. I told them how dissapointed I am since I can still see the promotion online. So the SA called customer service and have them send the GWP to my address (free shipping, of course!). I wrote praises for the SAs helping me on the comment card and complain about their stores GWP policy. Really, the corporate don't give us much incentives to shop in store!