Great news!!!!

  1. I have been reading all the information about the Mirior line and started to get a little worried!! Seems only 4-5 speedies are being sent to the smaller stores! I had put my name down on the waiting list at my shop AGES ago but then I started to wonder if I was going to make the top 4!! So I called my SA and asked her to check for me! Sure enough I am THIRD on the list. I was jumping with joy when she told me. She was laughing at my excitement! I was thinking about getting one the Gucci silver bags as they look GORGEOUS and then just forget about the Mirior...not now! Maybe I will get both....(Xmas is coming after all...AND my birthday....) Just wanted to share!:yahoo:
  2. That's awesome news!!! congrats!!
  3. that's awesome, congrats!!!
  4. awesome! thats exciting news for you, I cant imagine the post if you were say 6th on the list.. so congratulations!!
  5. Congrats!!! :nuts:

    I just called LV store again, and SAs said that I lost my hope for the silver (for sure)... that made me almost cry :crybaby:
  6. Congrats!!!

    And I definitely think you should get both!!!
  7. ^ita!!
  8. Yay!! :yahoo:

    Your post inspired me to call the LV at Holts where I added my name...

    Luckily my usual SA picked up! :nuts:

    I asked her how far down I am on the list for the silver pochette and she said since I added my name relatively early (August) she said I should be one of the first ones! :yahoo: She doesn't have the master list but on the list that I was added to, I was one of the first ones. And she said, since the pochette is more of an accessory, they may get more than 2-3, but no promises.

    I'm so excited! Even if the bag is too small, I'd still want to buy it's LE!
  9. Congrats.
  10. I'm so happy for you! Sending good luck vibes your way....:yahoo:
  11. Great news for sure! Congrats!
  12. Good for you! I'm on the list for a few bags myself. I can't wait for this line to finally launch!
  13. Ohhh let us know when you get it!
  14. I will for sure. It will not be until 12/1:hysteric: :hysteric:
  15. Two more weeks! And it's a Friday! :nuts:

    Meaning....I'll be at school all day, and then straight to work right away... :hysteric: