Great news I heard yesterday

  1. I called the manager of the store I frequent, and she told me that she was able to order a 35 cm vert olive Birkin in clemence with palladium hardware. I also special ordered a vermillon 35 cm Birkin in togo with palladium, and I'm also on the list for a fuchsia ostrich 30 cm Birkin. I should get the vert olive by Spring 07, maybe even by Christmas! So excited! I was kinda having 2nd thoughts that I didn't wait for another 35 cm Birkin when I got my vert anis HAC, but it turns out that I'm getting quite a few 35 Birkins, and I'm glad I got the travel size for variety, too!
  2. Congratulations!!! :yahoo: So you have other things ordered too? Is this from the Beverly Hills store? Whispa and I were a bit confused about the whole ordering thing in the U.S.A.. Is this Vert Olive Birkin from the order placed in July or is it from February? Also, do they need to get a confirmation back from Corporate for these?
  3. Congratulations!!! That is so exciting!!! You have impeccable taste!
  4. Congratulations! I hope they arrive soon!
  5. Good news for you! Very exciting! Keep us in the loop!
  6. I can't think of better news than that!! Vert olive should be a versatile and beautiful color on a Birkin!
  7. WOW!! Congratulations on ALL you lovely orders!! You lucky lady!!:yahoo: :jammin:
  8. Ditto! Congrats Princess! :yahoo:

    Vert Olive, Vermillion, & fuchsia ostrich! YUM! :nuts:
  9. Congrats!!!!!:yahoo:
    And I too have great taste!
  10. Speedy delivery for you! Great bags and can't wait to see pictures.
  11. wow,.. congrats!
  12. Thanks, everyone! I enjoy sharing my good news as much as I like reading about all of yours!:love:

    Kou, I definitely did NOT order from Beverly Hills (although since they are local to me, I'm still trying to build a relationship with a couple of nice SAs there:graucho: ). Their list has been closed to "newcomers" forever, and might, just might, open up in '08. I think the vert olive has been placed for July. I think that any July order from any US boutique would have an arrival date of Spring '07 or sooner. For those of you in Europe and Asia, were you given dates that were sooner or later than that (I'd think that the European stores would have arrival dates before the end of this year, but I guess it depends on the bag and how complicated it is to make it)? I don't know about the confirmation from corportate thing, but I was under the impression that the vert olive order was a definite "go". The vermillon is a special order, which is placed at random times, although each store has a limit to the # of these they can do. The fuchsia, I think, would be a podium order, but it's definitely not going to be placed for another year, at the earliest.
  13. That is great news! Can't wait to see pics when they finally come in.
  14. congratulations! wonderful news!
  15. congratulations! great news!