Great news for Violet lovers...

  1. My SA told me today VIOLET will be available in JULY :yahoo: !!!!

    I hope the City and the Day will be available in the first shippment :graucho: ...
  2. :yahoo: Wwhhhaaatttt!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:yahoo:

    Do you know what styles????:heart:
  3. Did she say what styles Violet will come in? I heard they are only making this color in select styles.
  4. My SA told me here in Paris they really believe in this color and pre-order the same quantity as BLACK !!!!
    They will have at least Violet in City, Day (I pre-order both), Work, and the new style RTT !!!
    Very funny name !!!
    RTT : stands for Reduction du Temps de Travail (Time Working Reduction) know the French Law on the 35 hours ;)
  5. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Order me one~ would ya? LOL~ I want a work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. zac, I was thinking a Work would look AMAZING! I WANT ONE!!!!
  7. Woop! by that time i should have enough funds YIPPIE!
  8. I could really go for a violet I have a mid-summer dream bag to think about! I hope I can secure one.
  9. YIPPPEEEE!!! Hopefully we will be able to get them!!!!!
  10. This is exciting news! When I last asked BalNY, they didn't have any information on the new colors or styles.
  11. This is so exciting:yahoo:. Can somebody please tell me
    how does pre-order in Bal Paris work ? I'll be in
    Paris in late July. I was wondering if I can pre-order
    with them and pick it up in store when I am in Paris.
    I can get the 12% VAT when I come back to US right ?
  12. Can you pick mine up too???????????:lol:
  13. Wow! July is right around the corner!!!! Thanks for the info!
  14. YAY!!! Thanks for the update!!
  15. Oh my gosh - I better start taking brown bags (with lunch in them!) to lunch now!!! No more mochas for a couple of months!:crybaby: