Great news for NJ Chanel lovers!

  1. OK I don't know if this has been posted or not, but I live in New Jersey, and the only Chanel boutique is in Short Hills which is more than an hour away but I just found out yesterday...that Chanel is coming to the Neiman Marcus at Garden State Mall!

    They already have a few things, in this small little closet on the third floor that you have to be escorted to...strange, I know, but I was told that they were going to be making a Chanel boutique in the store soon!

    Now...if only I could afford Chanel...oh well! At least I'll get to browse whenever I want! Woo Hoo! :yahoo:
  2. wow...that is great news!! DH is from that area and we tend to go there a lot. I've avoided short hills mall b/c i've heard of all attitude there but GSP is my fave!
  3. Oh yes...last time I was at the Chanel at Short Hills, it was not a pleasant experience...the SAs are just too snobby, I hate it!
  4. Any idea when? I was told by a SA last summer that the CHANEL boutique was going to open in October 07 but it never did...and recently, I was told that plans had changed and it wasn't going to happen :sad:

    So this is great news...
  5. I love all the SA's at chanel short hills thy are really sweet maybe they were having a bad day, lol.....yes chanel has been at GSP since the holidays but as of now they just have a few classic pieces.......If you go ask for JEnnifer she is THE BEST
  6. got to check it out, thanks!