Great news for Canadian Coach Addicts!!

  1. Guess what ladies? The prices are now EVEN! That's right! The boutiques apparently changed their prices two days ago and we are now paying the U.S. prices that are shown on the site! No more mark-up for us! :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
  2. is this at all the coach locations in canada? hmm i think i need to go check it out then, yay for canadianss! =)
  3. Congrats canadians!!!
  4. dang, is this holts too? i just bought my carly on monday!
  5. Yeah, Holts is apparently changing their prices too although I am not sure if they have actually done it yet. If you haven't used the bag, I would take it back and re-buy it. Actually, now that I think about it, don't they have a 7 day price adjustment policy? I think they do. Give them a call and see what they can do.
  6. oh my god. YES =]! it's about time. was ridiculous before cause the large carly was $60 more than the US price and then another 14% tax on top of it. making it about 524!
  7. ah, YES! just in time for DEC PCE!!!
  8. YAY!!!

    To bad I'm on a ban :tdown:

    ETA - I just called Holt and they are right now in the process of marking down Gucci, Mui Mui and Prada. No news on Coach though.
  9. i called holts and they said prices would b same as usd on new merchandise coming in only
  10. Looks like I need to make a trip to Yorkdale or Sherway.. hmmm...
  11. Have you used the bag yet? If the tags are still on and you have a Coach store nearby, take it back and buy it there. The price adjustments have already been made in the boutiques.
  12. i guess this is kind of off topic/on

    but a few of u have mentioned that coach at holts is being price adjusted and some other designers too, but does this only affect handbags, or the whole store, or specific apparel is also being adjusted?
  13. Yeah for Canada
  14. perfect timing for christmas shopping!
  15. I was surprised when i called Yorkdale and they said the price, i'm like that is US right.. he's like no that is what you pay its the same as the site..:yahoo:

    but what sucks is yesterday I called about the brass script keyfob ... none in canada and to have it ordered form the site its 38$ for the key fob, 29$ for mailing/weight plus whatever you get charged for duty.