Great News 2.55 Reserve List Just Arrived At Belagio

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  1. Look Out Ladys!!! If You Do Not Have Your Name On The List Call The Bellagio. We Just Recieved Ours And Hardly Have Any Names On There. Great Chance To Get Purple Navy Gold Silver Or Black Metallics.

  2. You received the actual bags? Is the metallic red there??
  3. OMG.....u mean u have got the 08 ones already?? this early,how exciting!
    so is it means other stores r getting too???
  4. we have not recieved them yet but there is early shipment on them. next week we are expecting a large shipment so if you want your name on the reserve list call now.
  5. Jason,

    Are you taking orders on the classic flaps as well?
  6. Yea! The metallic red, too, yes?!
  7. Jason, can you describe the Navy? I might want to get one
  8. I can take orders on any spring items for 2008. if you have questions let me know. I am trying to keep up with the posting but i may have to step away for little. The navy metallic is amazing and going to be one of our best sellers.

  9. uh oh.................
  10. Please post when and if you get the metallic red reissue! I am very interested and anxious to see this one!
  11. I can't wait till they arrive! I'm DYING for a purple one :drool::nuts:
  12. ^Ahh, me too!!! :nuts: :drool: :love: I'm first on the list at NM, but I'm sure I'll be drooling over the reissues some lovely pfers snag from the boutique before I ever get mine hehe! :nuts:
  13. Anyone know for sure the cost of a 227 and a 226 yet?
  14. Seriously.....I just got butterflies in my stomache thinking about the new bags.. how sad is this!!!
  15. Can anyone tell me how does the metallic leather hold up with regular use? i read somewhere that metallic leathers will peel with time. does this happen the chanel ones?