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  1. So, I crashed the party in downtown LA last night. There was so much going on. they closed the streets down, there was a marching bag, a new restaurant was opening at the Mart, etc. But, I saw the bags from Lockheart....Wow, is all I can was love at first sight...sigh...I want a lot of them.

    I couldn't get away with taking pics in there, although, being the best handbag whore in town - I really tried....but I got caught and was asked to leave. But, I got a card when I left and they have something about them on the internet....

    check it wish I could see the full bags on line, but trust me on this...the stuff that I saw last night was everything that I could ever want.
  2. Hey, they're near me. (From the address on the website.) I'll go check them out.

    BTW, what party did you crash?
  3. it was the opening of the new restaurant at the New Mart on the Ground Floor...Fred...

    and I wandered around upstairs and went into some of the showrooms...that is where I saw the Lockheart want...
  4. Didnt someone else on here mention they wanted or actually had a bag from them already? From the little clips on the website they look gooooood lol
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