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Oct 23, 2005
So, I crashed the party in downtown LA last night. There was so much going on. they closed the streets down, there was a marching bag, a new restaurant was opening at the Mart, etc. But, I saw the bags from Lockheart....Wow, is all I can was love at first sight...sigh...I want a lot of them.

I couldn't get away with taking pics in there, although, being the best handbag whore in town - I really tried....but I got caught and was asked to leave. But, I got a card when I left and they have something about them on the internet....

check it wish I could see the full bags on line, but trust me on this...the stuff that I saw last night was everything that I could ever want.
it was the opening of the new restaurant at the New Mart on the Ground Floor...Fred...

and I wandered around upstairs and went into some of the showrooms...that is where I saw the Lockheart want...